Is Your HVAC System Ready For Summer?

When the summer heat hits Colorado, your home or business could take a toll. Before the summer hits, you have to ask yourself, “Is my HVAC system ready for the summer?” It can be hard to know if your system is ready, especially if it is showing no obvious signs of needing a check-up or repair. At 1st Action Plumbing, Heating and Air in Loveland, we can help you ensure that your HVAC system is ready for those brutally hot summer months and prepare it for the cold winter months. Our team of professionals is prepared to help you with any installations, check-ups, or repairs you may need throughout the year.nnIn this post, we will tell you the ways to ensure that your HVAC system is ready for summer. Keep reading to learn how to be prepared and contact us today with any questions you may have!

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Check The Filter

In the spring months before summer hits, you may not use your HVAC system as often, considering the crisp air that Colorado has to offer. During the times your system is not being used, it tends to collect a lot of unwanted lint, dust, dirt, and other debris. Make sure you check your filters before you start it up and continue to check them often when you are using it.nBuilt-up debris on your filter can not only cause problems within your system, but it can also cause uncomfortable air conditions within your home or business. If there is built-up debris, this can make your system undesirable and can cause dirty air circulation inside your spaces. Locate the filters on your HVAC system to see if they need a simple cleaning or if it is time for a replacement filter. If you are unsure how to locate your filter, our team of HVAC technicians are happy to help you! We can inspect your system to make sure it is clean and working properly and we can help you with a replacement or an installation if need be.

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Double Up With Extra Air Flow

Sometimes, all your HVAC system needs is a little extra help. Get the most out of your cooling system by doubling up on the extra airflow. If you have one large HVAC unit in your home or business, try placing fans throughout other spaces to allow for more airflow and circulation. This can make a huge difference, especially on the days when it feels extra hot!nIt is also important to ensure that you are not leaving any unnecessary doors, windows, or spaces in your home or business open and accidentally letting out cool air. Take the time to check every room to make sure that nothing has been left open and that there are no cracks in the windows!

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Consider Updating Your System

If you are noticing any unusual leaks or sounds coming from your HVAC system, it may just need a routine check-up and repair. Keep track of any strange occurrences coming from your HVAC system and if it continues to happen, call in a professional to check it out! If that does not solve the problem, it may be time for a replacement. Depending on how old your system is, a replacement can actually save you money. Many new systems are made with advanced technology that can save you money, energy, and time, all while keeping your spaces even cooler!nEach HVAC system is made to fit different needs. Whether you need a large one to cool an industrial space or a small one to keep your home and family cool, 1st Action Plumbing, Heating and Air can help you determine the best option for you that stays within your budget. Call us today for your free quote!

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Let The Professionals Do It

Understanding your HVAC system can be overwhelming. Sometimes, trying to fix it yourself can end up causing more damage and can result in you spending even more money. Avoid making mistakes and the uncomfortable heat by having the professionals do it! With more than 27 years of experience, our team in Lovelandhelps homeowners and businesses owners with all of their HVAC needs. We can take a look at your HVAC system before the summer even begins to determine if it is summer ready! We can also help you assess your options when it comes to repairing or replacing your current system. No matter what the problem may be, you can trust us to be the HVAC company you need to keep you cool this summer.

Is your home or business ready for the hot summer season that is right around the corner? Be prepared before it is too late and ensure that your family and your customers have a comfortable place to be this summer. Contact the professionals at 1st Action Plumbing Heating, and Air today to talk to an expert technician and get started!